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937464_wheel_of_fortune___.jpg A Jacksonville, Florida man was arrested in April 2008, on charges of child pornography. Having committed a crime in the home, the man’s $280,000 home was seized by the government.

In Florida and throughout the country, the police can seize a person’s property such as a home, vehicle, money, etc. if it can be determined that the property was used in the commission of the crime for which the defendant was arrested. It appears that the Jacksonville man had almost 20,000 photographs and videos of minors engaging in sexually explicit acts. Since the man viewed these pictures and videos in his home, and the crime was furthered in his home, the state had the right to seize the entire home. Now he is living in an even bigger house as he was sentenced to four years in Florida State Prison.

Written by: Whitney Lonker

We hear about teen pregancies from Florida to California all of the time. Ranging from politicians to pop stars, the issue seems to be a constant in our lives. Sarah Palin’s daughter was 17 years old and pregnant, Jamie Lynn Spears was 16 and pregnant, and most likely your Florida teen knows someone in high school that’s pregnant. Taking the political nature of the question out, as in Pro Life or Pro Choice, what are the options one has?

I’m pretty certain that many of these young girls really don’t want to get married right now, but obviously that is an option. But, does it really solve the problem? In Florida we recognize that parents have the right to child support, so the old fashioned idea of pregnancy equals marriage is not really necessary. In fact, it statistically causes more problems later since the majority of marriages that end are due to the couples being too young when they got married.

Another answer is for a paternity test to be done and filed with the court in order to prove the child does have a father, and hold that father responsible for any child support obligations. In teen pregnancy the mother and father are sometimes in school, but the court can impute income for child support to be assessed. Also, the child does have the option of going on state funded medical insurance. However, this is a tough road altogether and it’s important to make certain you’re making the right choice.


Social networking sites like Face Book, My Space and others provide for a good support system for friends and family. When people are feeling down and need a friend or just are bored, they go to Face Book and My Space to read and posts their thoughts, feelings and activities. Friendships and activities posted on the web can come back to haunt you in a Family Law cases. People are often times foolish when they are online. They think that they are invisible when in fact the whole worlds can see what they are doing. There have been cases where people have been caught in marital affairs and even criminal activities through posts at Face Book, My Space and You Tube. On the flip side, these sites can be a wealth of information for those trying to find out more information about a person, business, and yes a spouse involved in a legal matter.

At Wood, Atter & Wolf, we have searched through My Space and Face Book in the past to find out information on the other side and (yes) our clients. Be careful what you posts out there in cyberspace. The whole world is watching and paying attention. One day, a Judge may even read your entries and information to determine an important legal issue on a case.

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