Florida Family Law Cases – The Good, Bad, and Ugly about My Space, Face Book and Other Social Networking Sites


Social networking sites like Face Book, My Space and others provide for a good support system for friends and family. When people are feeling down and need a friend or just are bored, they go to Face Book and My Space to read and posts their thoughts, feelings and activities. Friendships and activities posted on the web can come back to haunt you in a Family Law cases. People are often times foolish when they are online. They think that they are invisible when in fact the whole worlds can see what they are doing. There have been cases where people have been caught in marital affairs and even criminal activities through posts at Face Book, My Space and You Tube. On the flip side, these sites can be a wealth of information for those trying to find out more information about a person, business, and yes a spouse involved in a legal matter.

At Wood, Atter & Wolf, we have searched through My Space and Face Book in the past to find out information on the other side and (yes) our clients. Be careful what you posts out there in cyberspace. The whole world is watching and paying attention. One day, a Judge may even read your entries and information to determine an important legal issue on a case.

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