The Devil’s Playground the House Next Door?

937464_wheel_of_fortune___.jpg A Jacksonville, Florida man was arrested in April 2008, on charges of child pornography. Having committed a crime in the home, the man’s $280,000 home was seized by the government.

In Florida and throughout the country, the police can seize a person’s property such as a home, vehicle, money, etc. if it can be determined that the property was used in the commission of the crime for which the defendant was arrested. It appears that the Jacksonville man had almost 20,000 photographs and videos of minors engaging in sexually explicit acts. Since the man viewed these pictures and videos in his home, and the crime was furthered in his home, the state had the right to seize the entire home. Now he is living in an even bigger house as he was sentenced to four years in Florida State Prison.

Written by: Whitney Lonker
Family and Criminal Law Attorney

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