Divorce and Grandparents: Florida Family Law

Written By: Lenorae Atter, Florida Family Law Attorney
Going through a divorce in Jacksonville, Florida or its surrounding areas can raise questions involving visitation, child support, alimony, etc. However, what about grandparents and the impact of divorce on them? In Florida, grandparents are not given a statutory right or any other right to the grandchildren, except as decided by the parent(s).
This matter may arise if the parties that are divorcing disagree on the grandparents having visitation, or if one of the parents is deployed, incarcerated or otherwise not allowed visitation with the children. The primary residential parent would be the decision maker for the children in that scenario. Therefore, that parent can determine with the grandparents will actually get any form of visitation with the children. As grandparents, it is best to keep a good relationship with your own child and your child’s spouse/exspouse in order to preserve a relationship with your grandchildren.

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