Stability in a Divorcing World: Florida Divorce

In Jacksonville, Florida family law, I deal with cases involving children, divorces, support, visitation and custody, and as d a person interested in my work, I find different information helpful. What is most interesting, however, is that there are so many different statistics we can view, pieces we can read on the effects of divorce, societal changes and how they are affected, and multiple other news and information outlets regarding this topic. However, it does not seem like most of the information provided is from firsthand experience and what a child may have witnessed in their broken home(s).
Recently, I was reading an article in the Washington Post on, the book “The Marriage- Go-Round” and how Americans have a higher rate of divorce than any other country in the world. Not only that, Florida has a higher divorce rate than mid-west or western states. The article discusses the whys and why nots and stability’s role in our lives. “If you already have a child and you’ve broken up with the other parent, slow down. Take your time bringing new people into your household.” Andrew J. Cherlin, a Johns Hopkins University sociologist.
The issues raised in the book and the article are all factors in considering a “Parenting Plan,” which is now a requirement in divorces involving children. It allows you to factor in the many difficult decisions you and your exspouse will be making through your child(ren)’s life. It’s important to consider factors in dealing with new relationships and introducing them into your lives. It also allows you to consider birthday, graduations, weddings, etc.

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