Sanford and Sons: Florida Family Law

On Father’s Day weekend, Governor Sanford was not celebrating with his son, but with his mistress. In Florida divorces, while we recognize adultery as having an impact, we do still recognize “no fault divorce”. However, if Florida allows the affair to be acknowledged monetarily what about the consequences with children and visitation/timesharing?
Governor Sanford told his family that he needed a to the Appalachian Trail, but with four sons, the question still warrants whether the children were impacted by an absentee father for a national recognition of the same. Then, to add insult to injury for the children, it came out that Governor Sanford was no where near the Appalachian Trail, he was thousands of miles away visiting his mistress.
While we look to his wife for her response, the children remain the silent victims. I would have to assume, that even a no-fault divorce state, the emotional impact of Governor Sanford’s actions will actually play a role in the overall determination of who the children live with and how liberal Mark Sanford’s visitation will be.

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