Fatherhood in Florida: What Are My Rights If I’m Not Married To The Mother?

So often in my family law practice in Jacksonville, Florida, I receive calls from fathers who are not married to the child’s mother asking what their rights are in Florida. Many fathers are under the mistaken belief that just because they signed the birth certificate that they are considered to be the legal father of the child. There is a huge difference. The only effect that signing the birth certificate has for a father of a child is to acknowledge paternity. Until a Judge signs an Order directing that the father has parentage over the child, the child is not considered to be an heir of the father. It takes a Judicial Order to give an unmarried man parentage over a child. My firm can help obtain the necessary Orders required for parentage in a paternity/fatherhood issue. Please call us at 904-355-8888 to get the help you need.

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