Who Can Adopt In Florida?

This is a question I get on a regular basis from potential clients. The Florida Statutes outline who can and cannot adopt in the state. Fla. Stat. 63.042 states that a husband and wife jointly may adopt, an unmarried adult may adopt, and a married person without the other person joining as a petitioner under certain conditions specified in the statute. Although there has been significant controversy surrounding the issue, the statute specifically denies anyone who is a homosexual the right to adopt in Florida.

Adoptions can be confusing and there are numerous requirements set out in the statute that must be adhered to in order to prevent your petition from being dismissed. For stepparent adoptions, close relative adoptions, and adult adoptions the requirements of the statute are slightly less convoluted. However, the process for adopting any child that does not fit in one of the above categories is complex and requires a knowledgeable attorney or adoption agency to guide you.

If an adoption is not handled correctly a birth parent can potentially challenge the termination of parental rights or adoption and get the child back. This result can have a traumatic effect on all of the parties involved. Foreign adoptions are even more complex and deserve their own article to touch on some of the major issues involved. We will cover some of the issues involved there in another article.

If you have questions about adopting a child in Florida, contact a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney.

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