Florida Father Awarded Temporary Custody in Case of Former Teacher Posting Nude Photos of Children on the Internet

Custody-hands.jpgA former Naples elementary school teacher has been ordered to undergo a psychosexual examination after losing custody of her two children because she posted nude photos of herself and the children on the Internet.

Nicole Amanda Newland, who is currently undergoing a divorce in Collier County from her husband Eric Newland, lost custody after the nude photos were given to state law enforcment officials by her estranged husband. She was granted supervised visits once a week and is currently facing a state charge of Neglect of Child-Without Great Bodily Harm.

Nicole Newland has been accused of posting nude photos of herself in suggestive positions on the Internet as well as describing a “rape fantasy” online. Attorneys for her husband have argued that this endangers the children and she should not be granted unsupervised custody, which she is currently seeking.

Collier Circuit Judge Elizabeth Krier ordered Newland to undergo a psychosexual evaluation prior to ruling on further custody matters.

If you are involved in a Florida divorce or child custody case, be smart about what you post on the Internet. Your Florida divorce attorney can guide you so your case will not be compromised.

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