Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons and Wife, Dawn Gibbons, Agree to Divorce Negotiations

StateLaw.jpgGovernor Jim Gibbons of Nevada and his wife, Dawn Gibbons, have been involved in a very public divorce. But they recently agreed to suspend further action in the case so that they could negotiate a few issues surrounding the divorce. One of the biggest issues has been that Gibbons moved out of the Governor’s mansion and into the couple’s home in Reno, leaving Ms. Gibbons to live in the mansion. The Nevada residents are not happy and point to state laws that require the Nevada Governor to live in Carson City, and that require the Governor’s mansion to be the home of the “state executive.” Under the latest agreement, Ms. Gibbons will move into a guest house of the Governor’s mansion, and Gibbons will return to the home as its primary resident.

Gibbons has requested that the divorce be sealed and kept private; under Nevada law his request for a closed divorce hearing has been granted. But Ms. Gibbons is fighting him on making the issue private, and has filed a motion to open the case, saying that the privacy law does not apply to public figures. You can read more about the divorce of the Nevada Governor and first lady at Gibbons divorce on pause.

Of course, people who are not well-known public figures may want to keep their financial documents and dirty laundry out of the public domain, too. In the state of Florida there are ways to keep a divorce settlement confidential. Our law firm knows how to keep divorce proceedings confidential in Florida. If you want to keep the details of your divorce, private, contact our firm for legal counsel.

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