How Handle the Holidays After Divorce


Most of us eagerly look forward to the holidays as a time to practice long honored family traditions, spend time with seldom seen relatives, and indulge in a few holiday treats. But for those going through a divorce, November and December can serve as very painful reminders that everything is different this year. That can make divorced people especially susceptible to depression. A recent article shares some tips for those struggling with emotions this time of year:

-Be prepared for your emotional ups and downs, identify when you will be most vulnerable and plan ahead of time what you will do to get through the moment.
-Accept your loss; while the holidays can remind you of your loss, they will pass. Give yourself permission to just get through the season and become stronger for next year.
– Get out of the house and socialize with other people, it will lift your spirits.
– Adjust your expectations; keep in mind that no one has a holiday like they portray them in the movies – and that’s okay.
-Stay away from drugs and alcohol; they will only make you more depressed and anxious.
– Give yourself time to heal; put aside things that remind you of your loss, like Christmas tree ornaments and certain foods or fragrances.
– Stay healthy by eating well and exercising. Both are natural mood lifters.
– Keep the phone number of a friend or counselor nearby, or join a support group if you need some extra moral support.
– Talk to your family and close friends about what you can and can’t handle and stick to it.
– Mix up your usual holiday routine by doing something completely different, like taking a cruise.

The holidays don’t have to hurt. Find out more about this topic at Handling the Holidays During Divorce or Loss.

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