How to Change Your Name in Florida after Divorce

NameChange.jpgA recent article in the Orlando Sentinel helps women with limited incomes learn how to change their names back to their maiden names without the help of a lawyer. But before changing one’s name, a person should think long and hard about the consequences. For example, those who hold professional licenses or run a business may face a lot of paperwork to get their name changed on these documents. Other documents that will need to be updated include social security cards, driver’s licenses, banking and retirement accounts, credit cards, loans, voter registration, and security clearances. A women should also consider the confusion and problems that might be caused if her new name is different than that of her children. On the plus side, changing back to a formerly held name does not require the criminal background checks required for applicants who want to change to a new name.

If a woman does decide that changing her name back to her maiden name is the right choice, Florida statute will point her to the proper procedures, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court has a staff to help those who do not have legal representation. Of course, while changing you name might not require the services of an experience family law attorney, the intricacies of the divorce itself certainly do. Please contact our firm for expert divorce legal counsel. You can read more about chaning back to your maiden name at There’s help to change name — but think twice.

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