Murrieta, Georgia – Woman (Teri F. Scott) Allegedly Knifes Other Woman (Unnamed) in Child Custody Argument

Knife1.jpgAccording to Murrieta, Georgia Police Sargeant, Jon Flavin, police were called to respond to a fight taking place late one morning. When they arrived at the scene, they found a woman, bleeding from a cut near her right ear. She reportedly told police that she had been attacked with a knife by an acquaintance of hers, during a heated exchange over a child custody issue. Apparently there were children present during the fight. They allegedly witnessed the attack and were put in danger because of it. The suspect, Terri F. Scott, was not at the scene when police arrived. They found the woman at her home and arrested her sometime later. Ms. Scott has been charged with attempted murder and child endangerment, and is being held on $1 million bail. Find out more about the fight at Woman who knifed another woman during child custody exchange held on one million dollars bail.

Divorce and subsequent child custody battles can raise very heated emotions. While people sometimes feel that they can’t control their emotions, it is never appropriate to use violence. At the least it will harm that person’s case, and at the worst someone could be injured or killed and the attacker will be sent to prison instead of awarded custody.

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