British Couples Recently Break Records for Oldest Divorcees and Oldest Newlyweds

Bert and Jesse Wood had been married for 36 years when they filed for divorce last year in Great Britain. The marriage was the second for both of them, and at the time of the decree of divorce they were both 98 years old – making them the oldest couple on record to divorce. They have not publically stated the reason for their divorce, and their children are not making comments to the press. Wood died shortly after the decree was issued, and Ms. Wood now lives in a nursing home.

In the next county over, Les Atwell and Sheila Walsh recently became the oldest newlyweds on record when they married at the ages of 94 and 87, respectively. Atwell and Ms. Walsh had been introduced four years earlier. Ms. Walsh was at first hesitant to even meet Atwell, due to his age, but she says that when they did meet it was love at first sight. The couple took a two week honeymoon cruise through the Mediterranean, visiting Athens, Rome, and Barcelona.

The stories about these two couples just show that it is never too late for divorce, and never too late to find love again. If you are considering divorce, please contact our firm for legal counsel.

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