Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

Finding the right divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County or St. Johns County Florida is essential in starting your divorce. Choosing which divorce attorney you will use to represent you in determining child custody, child support, alimony, equitable distribution of assets, and the like is the most important decision you can make in you case.

When choosing a family law/divorce attorney, you should be able to discuss openly your situation and communicate freely with the attorney/lawyer representing you. The ideal divorce attorney should be able to tell you candidly about things that you may not want to necessarily hear. The most important quality in choosing a divorce attorney who will deal with such intimate issues as child abuse, spousal abuse or domestic violence, infidelity, or custody arguments is “do I feel comfortable revealing private details about my life with this lawyer?” If you cannot tell your attorney intimate details of the marriage, then you could be placing your case and your attorney at a disadvantage in court.

You should look for an attorney who specializes in family law because an estate planning attorney will not do you much good in a specialized area such as family law. You should choose an attorney with experience in the field to be able to locate assets, review custody evaluations, converse with accountants and psychologists to give your case the edge it deserves.
Most of all you need a lawyer who isn’t afraid of the courtroom. Get a litigator. Get an attorney who is comfortable in the courtroom and who isn’t afraid to take your case there if a fair settlement cannot be reached on your behalf.

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