Alimony in a Florida Divorce

scales.jpg Florida Statutes 61.08http:/” target=”_blank”governs the factors the courts can use to determine an award of alimony in Florida. However, in Florida, there is no formula for calculating the amount of alimony that could be awarded to any party like there is in calculating a child support obligation.
The main factors considered are the following:
1. The length of the marriage.
2. The contribution of the parties in the marriage
(a) Did one party give up their career or education for the benefit of the other?
(b) Was one party the primary source of income?
(c) Was one party the caretaker?
3. Does the party seeking alimony have the ability to maintain the same lifestyle as a single as s(he) did during the marriage?

The courts must use only the factors set forth in the above statute so it is important when choosing a divorce attorney in Florida to choose a lawyer who is familiar with the above factors and can apply the factors to the specific facts of your case.

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