Family and Friends Provide More Support to Those Going Through Divorce

broken%20heart.jpgA poll conducted by GFK Roper on behalf of the divorce information website has found that both men and women turn to family and friends first as a source of support while going through a divorce.

The poll was conducted by phone and included more than 1,500 respondents chosen at random. Both men and women were questioned about how and from whom they sought help during their divorce.

Overall, 26 percent of men said they chose family members for support and another 25 percent of men said they leaned on friends. Almost 45 percent of women said they chose family, while 25 percent of women chose friends.

Both male and female respondents said they chose a religious or spiritual figure seven percent of the time. Professional advisers – accountants, lawyers, financial planners – were also chosen seven percent of the time. Therapists were chosen five percent of the time, and support groups four percent of the time.

Therapists interviewed about the survey said that the poll results mirror what happens when most of us face a stressful emotional situation: we turn to those who know us best for support. Family therapists say they often counsel friends and family to respond to a loved one’s divorce without a lot of emotion, but with a show of nonjudgmental support.

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