Online Reputation Managers Bury the Data and the Dirt

Internet.jpgA recent article in The Boston Globe profiled another job category created specifically by the Internet: online reputation managers. And even the divorced are hiring them to bury their online divorce records so potential new mates won’t learn more than they need to know when they Google them.

While most people who use online reputation managers are those who want to bury a bad review of their business or find and delete all the party images of themselves on other people’s Facebook pages before job hunting, there are those who need these services for more personal reasons.

One recently divorced woman hired an online reputation manager to remove some painful references to her online divorce records prior to her launching a new dating life online.

Another divorced woman had a restraining order against her husband and was dismayed to find that her address and phone numbers were listed on several online databases, making it easier for him to find her. She enlisted the services of an online reputation management company – – and after six months, her personal information was gone from the Internet.

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