Common Risk Factors for Divorce

Divorce2.jpgWe all know that viruses cause colds, so we avoid exposure to viruses. But what are some of the common risk factors for divorce?

Lack of support – Constant criticism, lack of respect and failing to provide emotional support to a spouse is a common cause of divorce.

Ill health – When one spouse becomes seriously ill, it sometimes places unbearable strains on a marriage. The idea of “in sickness and health,” is a good one, but the reality is that a healthy person married to a sick person usually becomes a divorced couple.

Addiction – Living with an addict – whether it is drug, alcohol or (very popular these days) sex addiction – puts an insurmountable strain on a marriage. In addition, exposing children to an addict is often reason enough to send a straight spouse straight to divorce court.

Income inequities –Studies have shown that when men are married to women who out earn them, the incidence of divorce is higher.

Marrying young – Getting married at a young age leaves many couples susceptible to the notion that they have “missed out” on many life experiences. And when children come along early in a young marriage, it only compounds the problem.

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