Kids to Billionaire Dad: Pay Up for Being Gone

ChildofDivorce.jpgThe two adult children of billionaire developer Donald Bren, who is currently ranked #16 on the Forbes list of wealthy Americans with an estimated fortune of $12 billion, are suing their father for not being a part of their lives.

They are asking for retroactive child support in the amount of $400,000 per month for a period of 14 years, for a total of just over $67 million each.

Christie Bren, 22, and David Bren, 18, say that while they did not suffer any economic hardships while growing up, they were emotionally damaged because of the absence of their father, Donald Bren.

Jennifer Gold, Bren’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of Christie and David, sued him in 2003 on behalf of the children, who were minors at the time.

In a Los Angeles courtroom, Donald Bren testified that he had made an agreement with Gold that she would raise the children and he would provide financial support. Bren’s attorneys say that he has paid more than $10 million in child support, as well as college and graduate school expenses.

On Aug. 27, the jury took only three hours to find in favor of Donald Bren, saying he had lived up to his obligations and denying his children any additional access to his fortune beyond what he had already agreed to pay until both reach the age of 25.

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