What Is Rehabilitative Alimony?

938-010divorce-posters.jpgRehabilitative alimony is a type of alimony allocated to a spouse to provide assistance while her or she regains the ability to become self supporting. There must be a finding by the court that the dissolution of marriage will affect the requesting spouse’s ability to be self supporting for a period of time. If the marriage will not affect the spouse’s ability to obtain employment then rehabilitative alimony is unwarranted. The party seeking rehabilitative alimony has the burden of proof as to how they will gain training, what the object of the training will be, the length of the plan, and the cost. In addition it must be examined how this plan will make the spouse self supporting.

If a spouse is seeking rehabilitative alimony it may be necessary to call an expert witness to testify as to what the rehabilitative plan will be. The court will need to make a finding that the evidence presented is sufficient to make a factual finding that rehabilitative alimony is warranted. It may be a good idea to write the plan out and present it to the opposing spouse’s attorney prior to mediation.

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