Virtual Visitation the Next Best Thing to Being There for Non-custodial Parents

When Michael Gough’s ex-wife moved to Wisconsin from Utah with their 4-year-old daughter, Gough knew he had to do something to keep in touch with his child. He has pioneered the concept of virtual visitation, reading his child stories and even watching her open Christmas gifts over the internet. It wasn’t easy though – Gough had to convince a judge that he should be entitled to electronic contact with his daughter in addition to face-to-face visits.

In 2004, Utah made history by making virtual visitation part of divorce legislation. Wisconsin, Florida and Texas have followed suit. Pennsylvania, Florida and Illinois have also developed programs to allow incarcerated mothers to connect with their families online when they can’t come to visit in person.

While virtual visitation can never take the place of real contact, there is no doubt that it can ease the stress on children when they move far away from a non-custodial parent. The technology available today is a vast improvement over telephone calls, allowing parents to interact with their children face-to-face even when they are far away.

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