Prenups Are A New Reality In Florida Marriages

images-3.jpegIt’s true. Prenups aren’t just for rich people or celebrities anymore. Divorce is more common now than it was twenty years ago. With divorce being more common, more married couples are experiencing the mental and financial pain of divorce. It’s expensive to get divorced even when you may not have much to argue over. In fact, most of the couples that come through my office in Northern Florida are quarreling over debt as opposed to assets. Because of the big downturn in the economy in the last few years and the rise in unemployment, the only thing married couples have to divide up is the marital debt.

This is a disturbing trend but it may be something that can be avoided with a premarital agreement. It may also be prevented by some planning by the individuals prior to saying “I do”.

Pre-Marital settlement agreements or “prenups” as they are often referred to, can address a number of issues that are commonly disputed in divorce. A good prenup may only cost about $1,500 to $5,000 in legal fees depending on the complexity your situation requires. However, most divorces start around $5,000 in legal fees.

If you are contemplating marriage and would like to discuss a premarital agreement, call a Florida Family Law Attorney.

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