How Long Can I Expect A Florida Divorce To Take?

938-010divorce-posters.jpgIn a Jacksonville there is no way to figure out exactly how much time a divorce will take. There are too many variables involved to give a broad estimate. However, a Florida Family Law Attorney can take a look at your situation and give you a better idea based on the facts of your case.

I would estimate that an average divorce with no seriously contested issues will take about 6 months. However, once a divorce is contested it can last for years. Most cases settle after mediation, which is required in Florida divorces at this point, and never go to trial. It’s a good idea to have an idea of what your goals are before you meet with an attorney. This will help you pick the type of attorney you want to hire and gauge their personality at your initial consult. Some attorneys are extremely litigious for no apparent reason. Other attorneys are too timid and may let you get pushed around. Make sure your attorney is the right fit for you. Either way, make sure they have common sense and will not cause you unnecessary litigation that will increase your legal bills.

Once you have the right attorney you still have to worry about the other party and their attorney. This is the hard part. You and your attorney can control your side of the litigation, but you can’t control the other side. Once again this can lead to excessive costs and legal fees for unnecessary litigation. There are some remedies for this type of behavior in the way of reimbursed attorneys fees and sanctions, but it’s easier to avoid this if possible.

Any way you look at it, divorce is not easy. Do your homework before you meet with an attorney, have a game plan in mind, and try to divorce yourself from your emotions when making decisions regarding your case. This will help you make sensible decisions that will ultimately make your life easier once the divorce is over.

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