Judge Refuses to “Un-Divorce” NY Couple

A Queens Supreme Court justice has turned down a New York couple’s request to set aside their November 2009 divorce, telling them that they should not have wasted the court’s time and money.

According to an article in the New York Daily News, the wife, who now lives in Rhode Island, and her former husband, who remains in Queens, told the judge that they had recently reconciled and wanted him to void their divorce from last year. They told Justice Charles Markey that even if they got remarried, “we would forever be aware that a divorce judgment still exists between us.” The couple also said they wanted to avoid any religious stigma because of the divorce.

However, Justice Markey told the couple that the court “does not bow to alleged religious sentiments or convictions that may attach to divorce” and questioned whether the couple had truly reconciled since they both lived in different states. He said that it appeared their reconciliation was premature, and suggested that if they were really serious about repairing their relationship, they could take another trip down the aisle.

Legal observers said that the judge made the right call, noting that the courtroom is not a place for marriage counseling at taxpayer expense.

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