Jacksovnille Grandparent’s Adoption Granted by Florida Supreme Court

Last week in Jacksonville, Florida, the Florida Times Union ran a story regarding a breakthrough in Grandparent Adoption. For the last four years, since their parents’ deaths, two children have been at the center of a legal battle with both sets of grandparents at the helm. last week there was a major change in Grandparent Adoption in Florida.
The landmark decision by the Florida Supreme Court was that the maternal grandfather, George Smith and his wife, Brenda could adopt the children. George and his wife, Brenda petitioned to adopt the children approximately one month after the children’s father, Eduardo Silvils, died in a car accident. The children’s mother had previously died, leaving the children without a parent.
Silvils’ parents, who were not named in court documents, soutght guardianship of the children instead of adoption. The guardianship was designed to provide the children with a home and family to take care of them. The Silvils’ believed it to the best for all parties because both sets of grandparents would have the opportunity to see the grandchildren, while an adoption could bar them from contact with their grandchildren.
After court action, which sided with the Silvils’, the Florida Supreme Court ultimately found that a split guardianship is, “the antithesis of the right to permanence and stability that is afforded by adoptions.”

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