Florida Divorce and Preserving Your Rights

In a Jacksonville, Florida divorce, just the entry of the, “parties are returned to the status of being single” does not bar a claim for child support, division of assets and liabilities and all other related issues. Basically, it is a tool often used so that the parties can declare themselves divorce, but the proceedings continue the path they were on.
The difficulty is, when one party sees this, it may cause panic, tears, concern and frustration. Actually going about the process correctly takes finesse, patience and understanding for the other party. Explain to them that they are not stopped from getting matters resolved, but simply taking care of one issue, the actual marriage that still holds them as “husband and wife.”
When going through such a process, make certain that you have certain things in place like a provision that the Final Judgment does not preclude further action. However, in regards to child support, Florida law makes it clear that you cannot actually negotiate away your right or responsibility to child support.

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