Florida Timesharing and Divorce: Link Between Kids of Divorce and Suicide

998810_fingerpaint__14.jpgChildren in a divorce can significantly impacted by the divorce if parents do not take proper precautions and try to make the transition easier on children. According to a new study, there is a link between kids of divorce and suicide. The study quickly gives a disclaimer, as will I, that this does not mean that children of divorce are going to commit suicide, it simply shows that children can be impacted significantly unless parents take precautions to help with the transition.

The study conducted by Esme Fuller-Thompson, a professor at the University of Toronto, showed that men from divorced families are three time more likely to consider suicide and that women of divorce have an 83% higher chance of considering suicide. The study indicates that while they did research on a number of individuals there are certain factors missing, including how much time parents spent with the children post divorce. In addition, the number of suicidal ideations decreased for women when abuse and addiction situations were removed. However, for men, the number remained the same with those factors removed. The overall basis of the study was to see the correlation, but the study failed to find out what the root cause is, which led to the speculation that men often lose their male role model in a divorce and that lack of male influence has a strong impact on men as they grow from boyhood.

Florida timesharing allows for parents to think about kids first without first thinking about “custody”. Timesharing replaced the terms, “custody” and “visitation” in 2007 to help put children first in the divorce. The idea is that parents do not need to look at children as property, but as kids that need guidance from both parents and hopefully, as both parents put the children first during and after the divorce the findings from the study will decrease over time.

Before filing for divorce speak with a lawyer about your rights and options and to also get a clear view of what to expect and how to help bypass some arguments regarding the children early on.

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