Divorce’s Impact on Children According to New Study: Florida Divorce

1024823_blackboard.jpgChildren are misplaced in a divorce. Florida law has tried to counteract the effects of divorce on children by providing parenting class requirements and changing custody to timesharing and parenting plans. However, a recent study shows that maybe the changes are not all that is needed, but an actual understanding of the psychological impact divorce has on children. The study done by the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that the living environment surrounding the kids before divorce proceedings does not have as much impact as actually starting the divorce proceedings.
The study took 3,585 students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade and examined the impact on divorce on the children. The kids in the study were compared to those in stable, intact families. The most impacted area of the children were in their math studies since it is the one that builds on itself and requires foundation for future learning (1+1=2 is beginning to multiplying). The study’s researcher, Hyun Sik Kim, attributed the setbacks to not only a change of environment, but also the balance of time with each parent and economic changes based on the parents each being impacted by changes in income (child support, one income family, etc.).
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