Florida Timesharing for Children of Divorce May Help Reduce Impact on Kids

1340714_wooden_house_-_playground.jpgTimesharing and divorce can impact children in school, home and socially according to a new study. In a Florida divorce involving children, parents are encouraged to look at visitation as timesharing with the other parent and to develop parenting plans so that they can resolve issues together rather than at odds with each other. However, a recent study done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that divorce first begins impacting children once they proceedings start.
Florida divorces involving children require that parents attend a parenting class to help them better understand the effects divorce may have on their children from beginning to end. Divorce does not just end with a judge making a decision, but will continue throughout the lives of the children since both parents will live in separate homes.
Florida adopted timesharing plans to help put kids at the front of the parents minds when going through a divorce. However, if parents are not willing to change their reactions or ways of handling a divorce, then the children will remain negatively impacted. If you are thinking of divorcing, it is a good idea to speak with a lawyer about your divorce and your concerns involving children before actually filing for divorce.

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