Can I Get My Property in a Florida Divorce?

1240494_a_pair_of_couches.jpgIn a Florida divorce, marital property is often a topic of contention. In a divorce often there is an exchange of marital property necessary for both parties. When exchanging property it is a good idea to set a time and place for the exchange. If there is property in the marital home, then often a police escort can be helpful for making certain that there are no disputes that take place and that the parties do not items that have not been agreed upon by both parties. If there are items up for dispute, then it is a good idea to make a list of all items so that they can divided by the court when the time comes.

Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning that each party is entitled to one-half value of marital assets. So, if you have two new TVs, one party will get one and the other party will get the other TV. If you need to exchange items or get them from storage it is a good idea to have to have a 3rd party, not involved with the case, present so that you can have a witness. If you cannot agree on a 3rd party, contact the police for a police escort.

Speak with a lawyer about your rights and options before making any property changes.

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