Florida Divorce Attorneys Find that Facebook Revolutionizes Divorce

Facebook.jpgSocial networking has become a popular form of interaction and expression for people of all ages. It is no wonder that Facebook has started to get mixed up with divorces.

For example, a Tampa, Florida woman videotaped many of her fights with her soon to be ex-husband and then posted the screaming matches on Facebook. Another Florida man used his Facebook page to document his frustrations with parenting, only to have his journal entries used against him in court by his soon to be ex-wife.

Of course, there are also plenty of stories about old flames rekindling on Facebook as well as inappropriate flirting and texting with new found friends that can lead to divorce. There is an upside to Facebook and divorce, though. Parents report that they can use Facebook updates to keep in touch with their kids better when they are with the other parent.

Florida divorce attorneys report that they are beginning to counsel clients to take two steps with Facebook on day one of a divorce; first, take down their own Facebook page immediately, and second, go through their partner’s Facebook account for anything that can be used against them in a divorce proceeding. A partner’s Facebook page usually turns out to be a goldmine of ammunition for court.

It can be tempting to “spill it all” when using social networking sites, but it is a good idea not to post anything that you will regret later. Read more at Businesses find Facebook, Twitter useful.

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