Lauderdale County Co-Parenting Hotline may Expand to Serve Jacksonville, Florida

When divorced Florida parents are forced to deal with child custody issues, tempers can run high – especially if the divorce was not amicable and the parents disagree with the approved parenting plan. Now those parents will have a way to better handle disagreements and build better relationships with their children. A help line has been set up for Lauderdale County, Florida parents that can help them get through child custody issues with less anger and frustration. This is important because fights between divorced parents can cause lasting emotional scars on their children.

The help line, which falls under the umbrella of Families First, offers parents a third party to help them manage and solve parenting disputes. When a call comes in, volunteers talk with both of the parents to help them diffuse angry feelings and come to a suitable compromise.

The line is staffed by twenty one volunteers, who are required to complete a six week training course before answering the phones. The Lauderdale center fields around fifty calls per month. The help line has been so successful in Lauderdale County that a task force has been created to investigate establishing call centers in other areas in Florida, including the Jacksonville, Florida area.

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