Florida Adoptions are the Silver Lining to Recession: Florida Family Law

As a Jacksonville, Florida family law attorney, I have many inquiries regarding adoptions. Recently, the interest in adoptions seems to be growing, possibly due to celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna. Their adoptions have made national news more than once. However, in a struggling economy, I was curious about how adoptions are being impacted and recently heard a news story on NPR related to the issue and now discovered a news article in US Today on the same topic.
According these stories, it appears that at adoption and the option for it has grown exponentially due to the economy. Many more women, especially those with children already, are choosing to place their newborns up for adoption. This decision is being exercised at a time when families are struggling to feed the ones in their home, but also want to provide life and a family to others. Those unable to have children are grateful for the influx in available babies right here in the U.S. and in Florida. At a time when people are struggling to put gas in their cars, the country’s women have decided the ultimate sacrifice is their calling and these women and their families are providing others with a chance at what was once perceived as virtually impossible.
There really is a silver lining for a recession.

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