Establishing Paternity in Florida

1123144_walk_on_pier.jpgPaternity cases in Florida often require two actions to be taken, such as follows:
1. A Petition to Establish Paternity: Often filed by the mother against the father, so it only requests child support the majority of the time.
2. A Counter-Petition to Establish Paternity and a Time-Sharing/Parenting Plan. This is generally filed by the father to guarantee that he has visitation with the child, which is referred to as a time-sharing plan in Florida.
If you are trying to fight a paternity action, as the father, then you will also need to file a Motion for DNA testing so that the DNA test is completed before filing a counter-petition.
If you are dealing with a paternity case, it is good to speak with a lawyer that handles family law cases in Florida so that you can best understand the process and your rights and options.

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