Divorce Judge Outlines Steps for a “Good Karma” Divorce


Positive, life-enhancing, and compassionate are not words most people associate with divorce. Words that more typically come to mind are painful, bitter, resentful, ugly, and battle. A Chicago Judge, Michele Lowrance, who has presided over hundreds of divorces, recently wrote a book on how to handle divorce so that it doesn’t ruin your life or make you and your former spouse miserable. The book is entitled: The Good Karma Divorce: Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get On with the Rest of Your Life.

Judge Lowrance starts by saying that turning over important decisions such as child support, alimony and child custody to the courts means giving up the power you have over your own important life decisions. The book is aimed at keeping a divorcing couple from ever going to court. To that end, she offers divorcing couples practical tips for getting through this tough time with a positive outcome. She reminds people that the court system is not designed to rescue them, or to prove that their position is more righteous than their former partner’s. She advises both parties to be open to the possibility of settlement and to disclose everything honestly.

She also recommends allowing yourself time to go through your negative emotions, but to be ready to forgive when the time is right. She encourages couples to apologize to each other during the process. She believes that both forgiveness and apologizing are empowering for both parties. She also reminds parents that divorce is very hard on children, and it is important to explain to them what is going on as honestly as possible. One type of divorce procedure that is designed to minimize the adversarial aspects of divorce is collaborative law. To learn more about this process contact a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney.

Read more about what makes a good Karma divorce at The Good Karma Divorce.

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