Dennis Hopper Files for Divorce from his Deathbed

MoneyvLove.jpgDennis Hopper is reportedly dying of prostate cancer. But friends say that he is holding onto life until he can do just one more thing – divorce his wife. The star of Easy Rider and other Hollywood hits once lavished his wife, Victoria Duffy, with expensive gifts, including a ranch, artwork, and expensive clothing. But Hopper apparently feels that his wife is trying to get more from his estate than she is entitled to under the couple’s prenuptial agreement. A friend of Hopper reports that the star is angry at his wife’s greed, saying the more he gave her the more she wanted.

According to the prenuptial agreement, Ms. Duffy is entitled to a quarter of Hopper’s estate. Hopper reportedly filed for divorce to keep her from contesting his will, which leaves her the same amount as the prenuptial agreement, after he passes.

Ms. Duffy has not been present at Hopper’s bedside during his cancer treatment. He has surrounded himself with his children and his ex-wife, saying that he only wants to spend time with his family and close friends. Ms. Duffy has remained at the couple’s home during Hopper’s treatment. Hopper’s rep admitted that the couple has been having trouble and that Hopper wants peace and quiet in his hospital room. The couple has been married for over thirteen years and have a six year old daughter.

A source close to Ms. Duffy has charged that Hopper’s pain medication is impairing his judgment. Hopper’s associates have denied those claims. Read more about Dennis Hopper’s divorce at Dennis Hopper rushes to divorce wife as he lies on death bed.

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