College Education Leads to Happier, Longer Marriages for Florida Women

College.jpgA new research study from Pennsylvania’s Wharton School undertaken on behalf of the research group Council on Contemporary Families came out recently. The report indicates that those with a college education are more likely to be married, and to be happy in their marriages. According to the report, college educated women in particular were more likely to be married at the age of forty than their less educated counterparts, and were more likely to report that they were happy in their relationships.

Back in 1950, only seventy four percent of forty year old women had been married at some point, compared to ninety percent of women with only a high school diploma. As of 2008, the numbers had changed to eighty six percent and eighty eight percent, respectively. Additionally, the women with college degrees were much less likely to be divorced; by the age of forty, seventy six percent of college grads were still married, compared to only sixty three percent of high school graduates.

Read more about the new study that shows how college education correlates to happier marriages at College Linked to Marriage.

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