Snow Days Linked to Increased Infidelity – Couples in Sunny Florida Can Breathe Easier

Snowman.jpg is an unusual dating site; they cater to married people looking to date outside of their relationships. The site usually draws around eight to ten thousand visitors a day, but a recent nationwide cold snap pushed the number of visitors up to twenty five thousand. That’s not terrible news for couples living in Florida – also known as the “sunshine state.”

According to company founder Noel Biderman, he was not surprised by the spike in visitors during the recent cold snap, saying that when people are trapped indoors they tend to explore the internet more. He reports that January is typically a strong month for sign-ups (perhaps coincidentally, January is also a strong month for divorce filings). The day after Valentine’s Day is also quite popular.

Biderman has come under intense criticism for condoning and even encouraging people to be unfaithful to their spouses. But Biderman defends his business, saying that his members are at least being honest about their marital status, unlike on other dating sites. He also believes that if infidelity were condoned, there would be fewer divorces. The “happily married” father of two says that he is not anti-marriage; he just believes that sexual monogamy destroys loving relationships.

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