In Florida and Elsewhere, the Modern Divorce Means Keeping in Touch


In the past, a divorce generally meant that the two parties were completely split from each other, with only limited interaction if required by children or alimony. But the modern divorce is quite different. Women and men who don’t “keep in touch” after the divorce are in danger of being seen as unsophisticated and insecure. A new book called “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex”, by Heather Belle and Michelle Fiordaliso outlines the new rules of ended relationships.

The new paradigm of divorce is being fueled by changes in marriage itself. Couples generally wait longer to marry, meaning that they have already experienced multiple relationships and breakups, so they are able to handle them better than someone who married his or her high school sweetheart. Social networking, cell phones and email also make it easier to remain amicable without speaking face to face.

Therapists warn that it may seem healthy to remain in contact with an ex, but not to live in the past. Pining after your former partner can keep you from committing to a new relationship. If you find yourself thinking about your ex all the time, engaging in fights with them, or discouraging their new relationships, it is time to seek professional therapy. Read more about maintaining a modern relationship with your ex-spouse at The ex factor: Old flames in a new light.

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