Contingent Attorney’s Fees Not Permitted In Florida

In Florida, attorneys are not permitted to charge contingent fees in Family Law Cases involving a dissolution of marriage or seeking an award of alimony, child support, or equitable distribution. Family law cases are emotional by nature. This causes cases to often times take a long time to resolve. If attorney’s were able to charge contingent fees it’s possible these cases would take even longer to settle.

Most family law attorneys charge a retainer for their fees up front. This retainer can vary depending on the perceived complexity of the case and usually the experience of the attorney. Most Florida divorces will cost at least $5,000 in legal fees alone. There are a number of complex issues in the average divorce dealing with issues like child custody, support, and equitable distribution. The outcome of these issues will have a lifetime effect on everyone involved. It is important to fins a Family law attorney who understands the law and how it pertains to your particular situation.

If you have questions regarding a divorce in Florida then contact a Florida Family Law attorney.

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