Chris Evert and Greg Norman’s Florida Divorce Finalized


Tennis star Chris Evert and golfing legend Greg Norman were married for fifteen months before their marriage ended in divorce recently. A close family friend to Ms. Evert is now speaking to the media, saying that the marriage failed due to the stress Ms. Evert felt balancing her time between her husband and her three teenage sons from a previous marriage. The source reported that there was tension between the two over Norman’s extensive travel schedule and Ms. Evert’s desire to spend time with her children. During the marriage Ms. Evert did spend quite a bit of time travelling with Norman, but now says she regrets the decision, according to the friend.

Ms. Evert is now reportedly enjoying more time with her sons, Alex, Nicky and Colton, aged eighteen, fifteen and thirteen, respectively. Ms. Evert and Norman finalized their divorce in December of 2009 at the Monroe County Courthouse in Key West, Florida. Neither Ms. Evert nor Norman had any comment on the divorce.

Marriage is difficult, and competing loyalties between a new spouse and the children from a former marriage can add a layer of stress to a marriage that is hard to deal with. In this case, unfortunately the couple was not able to overcome their differences. Read more about the Florida divorce of Chris Evert and Greg Norman at Why Did Chris Evert and Greg Norman Divorce?

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