Child Relocation in Florida and How It Impacts Custody and Visitation

In Florida, moving with a minor child is more than just hiring a mover. Florida Statute 61.13001 gives you specific directions in dealing with this topic, but not following the statute can lead to many issues.

If you are moving 50 or more miles away and you plan on taking your child(ren), then the statute requires that you inform the other parent by Notice and let the court know of the change. The other parent has the right to object to your relocation after receiving notice. If you move before the relocation is entered with the court, then you can be forced to return to Florida, with the child. Failure to comply can lead the court to order you stay in Florida; change the primary residence of the child; or other otions available to the court. It is important to understand that Florida Statute 61.13001 is very precise and has a number of requirements, it is important to follow the statute precisely and would be beneficial to seek legal counsel.

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