Divorce Lawyer in Florida: My spouse has money for a lawyer and I don’t.

Florida courts recognize that some spouses do not have the income of the other and may have a need for assistance while they go through a divorce. Temporary needs have been established to protect a spouse needing support to remedy the ability for the soluble spouse to overpower with a “hired gun” because it provides the court the ability to assess attorneys fees and costs to the nonsupport seeking spouse. This levels the playing field and assures legal representation for both parties.

In addition to providing legal fees, the Temporary Needs are designed to assist in keeping the status quo of the marriage. Temporary Needs can address the following: alimony (to be provided during the divorce); child support; the marital home and expenses; etc.

The theory is to provide a comfortable transition for both parties and to address the issues that are pending immediately upon separation and the filing for a divorce. In order to preserve these rights and make certain that your issues are being addressed, it is important to contact an attorney who would be able to walk you through your situation and what you may or may not be entitled to receive.

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