When “I Do” Quickly Becomes “I Don’t”: Annulments in Florida


By Whitney R. Lonker, Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

In my family law practice in Jacksonville, Florida, as a divorce and family law attorney, I have a vantage point that most people don’t have. I see people everyday going through the most confusing and emotional issue of their lives. Oftentimes, spouses change after the marriage and parties quickly go from “I do” to “I don’t”. An annulment may be possible in this case but annulments are difficult to obtain. In fact, a divorce is easier to obtain in some cases. In an annulment action, the courts are basically saying that the marriage never took place and as such there are very strict guidelines that must be followed in obtaining an annulment. There are two types of annulments, one is civil and one is religious. There are different requirements for each type of annulment. If you are in an “I Don’t” situation, please call our firm for advice on how to protect your interests.

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