Is It Great To Be A Florida Gator? Maybe Not If You Lose Your Season Tickets In A Divorce In Florida!


by Whitney R. Lonker, Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

So you and your spouse just love Florida Gators football right? Well what happens when each of you keep your love of football and your favorite team and season tickets but not for each other? Who gets the season tickets? In Florida the courts use a concept called equitable distribution to equitably or “fairly” divide marital assets. If the season tickets were bought during the marriage then they become a marital asset subject to equal division by the courts. But who wants to go to the game and have to sit by their ex? In a situation such as this, the Courts will use equitable distribution to place a value on each ticket and if one spouse gets both tickets then the courts will give the other spouse some other item similar or equal in value to equalize the award. If you or your spouse want to keep your season tickets so you can watch your favorite team become Rosebowl bound, then please call our firm to discuss options in your dissolution.

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