What Factors Are Considered in Alimony Divorce Cases in Florida?

Alimony or spousal support, in Florida, is determined by the set of facts surrounding the divorce, not a calculation like you have in Florida child support cases. Unlike Child Support, the determination is not based on a statutory guidelines that says x +y = z, instead factors of the marriage are used to determine what ā€œzā€ will be. Some factors used to determine whether there is alimony to be awarded and how much that alimony will be are as follows:
How long was the marriage? If the marriage was 0 ā€“ 7 years, then that is considered a short-term marriage, 7 ā€“ 16 years that is a moderate-term marriage and 17 or more is a long-term marriage.
What was the standard of living during the marriage? If both parties worked and made relatively equal money, then there will be no alimony. If one spouse worked and the other did not, then alimony will most likely be awarded.
How much will be awarded? This is the most difficult thing for the court to determine because it brings into consideration the above factors and looks at what is available to each party regarding finances, assets, property, etc. Basically, a lifestyle cost analysis has to be completed to see what is available and needed by each party.
If you are going through a divorce and feel that alimony is a factor, you should speak with an experienced divorce attorney to find out what factors will be considered in your case.

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