What a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer Can and Cannot Do for You

Amicable.jpgWhen you enter into a relationship with a divorce attorney, or any attorney for that matter, there are rules that govern the behavior of both client and attorney. Knowing what to expect, and what not to, is important so you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Having an empathetic divorce attorney by your side during every step of your divorce is a basic expectation of most clients. But what specifically should you expect from your divorce lawyer? Here’s a list:

• Educate you about Florida divorce law and how it relates to your case
• Consult with you to devise the strategy for your divorce and/or child custody case
• Handle the investigation into the facts of the case, including the hiring of any necessary professionals like forensic accountants
• Prepare and file all the necessary court documents
• Work with opposing counsel in negotiating a settlement
• Help you and any other witnesses prepare testimony
• Prepare you for court appearances including hearings and trial
• Advise you on what you can expect throughout the process

There are also certain things you should not expect from your divorce attorney, including a guarantee as to the outcome of your case. Your lawyer is also bound by strict legal and ethical codes, so he or she will refuse to do anything illegal or unethical, such as allow you to lie under oath or hide assets.

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