Was There a Prenuptial Agreement for the Newly Married Paul McCartney?

PM_NS_t128799737_540x386.jpgPaul McCartney was married on Sunday to the independently wealthy American, Nancy Shevell. A marriage, that by all accounts seems happy, was hopefully preplanned with a prenuptial agreement, protecting both from future marriage mishaps, such as divorce.

Paul McCartney’s wealth far exceeds his iconic role as one of The Beatles. It was exploited in his publicized divorce from Heather Mills, in 2008, that his wealth is over $800 million dollars and consists of music royalties, rare paintings, real estate and the like. Nancy Shevell’s wealth includes business interests and other wealth endeavors that make sense to protect.

A prenuptial agreement is beneficial when one or both parties have wealth because it protects certain assets from becoming “marital” and divisible if the marriage were to end in divorce. Protecting those assets is not unromantic, simply a smart business decision by both parties.

Florida prenuptial agreements can be drafted to protect both parties, regardless of their independent wealth. If you are interested in a prenuptial agreement, then you should contact a Florida lawyer to assist you in the premarital planning.

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