The Divorce: How to Avoid Insanity In the Dissolution Process

In my experience as a divorce attorney in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, nothing can bring on acts of insanity in otherwise reasonable people like a nasty divorce proceeding. Whether the issues are child custody, child support, alimony or the division of assets and liabilities, when parties split, emotions run high and otherwise reasonable people can tend to engage in some insane antics. Here are the top three stories gathered from other dissolution proceedings to show the importance of keeping your cool as well as your mind when going through a dissolution proceeding.
#3 A Couple in Cambodia Divides the Marital Home: After a Cambodian man suspected that his wife was having an affair with a local police officer, he and his extended family loaded up some chain saws and literally drove to the marital home and cut the house in half right down the middle. The Husband then took his half of the house and transported it to his parent’s house for safe keeping.

#2 Japanese Wife May Face Criminal Charges for Killing Off Her Husband’s Online Gaming Character: After a Japanese Wife discovered her Husband was having an online gaming affair by having his online character have relations with another online gaming character, the Wife hacked into the Husband’s computer and “killed off” i.e. “deleted” his online character and over a year’s worth of purchasing costumes for the character and buying weapons for online battles and such. The Husband contacted the police who realized that in Japan this was actually a crime. Now the Wife is facing serious criminal charges for “murdering” the Husband’s online gaming character.

#1 Wife Discovers Husband’s Intent to Divorce on Facebook: Oftentimes its difficult to tell the other spouse that one spouse has the intent to seek a divorce. A Wife in the U.S. was checking her Husband’s facebook status and saw: “Neil Brady is ending his marriage to Emma Brady”. The Wife had no other indications that the Husband intended to seek a divorce. The Husband indicated that the Wife should have known as he had deleted her from his “friends” on facebook.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding dissolution proceedings, contact our firm to help you get through the process and to help keep you sane while doing so. Although the above article has some humorous aspects to it, the dissolution process is in noway a laughing matter. Please contact our firm to seriously handle your case and to give you good care throughout the process.

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